As you’ve probably figured out, we’re plowing new ground by offering mobile solutions for firearm security.  As we ramp our business and manpower for this new product offering, we are offering a HUGE discount on our Combo package and discounts on the Mobile Rifle Locking System and Biometric Vehicle Safe.  $100 off of the combo package with a deposit to schedule your installation within the next 2 weeks.  We will not be offering this promotion for long. As soon as we sufficiently fill the installation schedule for this product line we will push the price back up the full retail pricing, so don’t wait to take advantage of our Pre-Order pricing!


We proudly sell and professionally install the innovative, new Mobile Rifle Locking System. We love how this unit was designed to be extremely secure while also allowing you to deploy your rifle very quickly if needed. 

Made of heavy gauge steel and secured with an innovative directional locking system, it is a great way to secure and hide your AR platform rifle in you car, truck or RV. We typically hard mount these units on the steel framework of the underneath side of rear fold up truck seats. Our installation experts make custom steel brackets for each vehicle to attain the highest level of security.


We searched the compact safe market looking for the perfect blend of size and security while maintaining a locking mechanism that makes sense for a mobile application.

We believe we’ve found just that safe. The 8” rear hinged flat safe utilizes the latest generation biometric (fingerprint) technology to keep your pistol and other valuables secure and out of site in your vehicle. The sleek design allows for many options in mounting and will easily hold a full frame semi and spare magazine. The units are also great for keeping cash or other items or information secure. 

We chose the biometric “key” access as you will always have your fingerprints with you and they also work in the dark! Combination and key locks can be problematic if you don’t have your keys or are trying to access the safe in the dark. 

Safe&RifleLockCombo(Services Page).jpg

Our Combo package includes both the innovative new Mobile Rifle Locking System and the sleek 8” Biometric Vehicle Safe professionally and securely installed in your truck, car or RV.  See the individual items for more product info.


Imagine a scene where you flip up the back seat(s) of your truck to make room for several grocery bags or a large box just as the person parked next to you peers in your side window as they walk by…. Definitely a situation we’d like to avoid. Whether it is upsetting little Johnny’s mommy or tipping off the would-be car burglar, the Rifle Concealer will help you avoid the nuisance of having to explain why you choose to be prepared regardless of the situation.