Biometric Vehicle Safe Pre-Order Deposit

Biometric Vehicle Safe Pre-Order Deposit


This is for a pre-order deposit only. Remaining balance will be due at time of installation.

We searched the compact safe market looking for the perfect blend of size and security while maintaining a locking mechanism that makes sense for a mobile application. 

We believe we’ve found just that safe. The 8” rear hinged flat safe utilizes the latest generation biometric (fingerprint) technology to keep your pistol and other valuables secure and out of site in your vehicle. The sleek design allows for many options in mounting and will easily hold a full frame semi and spare magazine. The units are also great for keeping cash or other items or information secure. 

We chose the biometric “key” access as you will always have your fingerprints with you and they also work in the dark! Combination and key locks can be problematic if you don’t have your keys or are trying to access the safe in the dark. 

We draw on our nearly 3 decades of mobile installation experience to find the most appropriate and high strength location in your vehicle to mount your safe.

This is a great unit to for keeping your temporarily secure you CCW while you enter a school, an establishment that serves alcohol or any other location where the carrying of weapons is prohibited. 

*Price includes basic install. We will contact you within 1 business day to schedule installation. Installation location will depend on your vehicle.

*Sales tax will be collected at time of installation.

Pre-Order Deposit