Mobile Rifle Locking System Pre-Order Deposit

Mobile Rifle Locking System Pre-Order Deposit


This is for a pre-order deposit only. Remaining balance will be due at time of installation.

We proudly sell and professionally install the innovative, new Mobile Rifle Locking System. We love how this unit was designed to be extremely secure while also allowing you to deploy your rifle very quickly if needed. 

Made of heavy gauge steel and secured with an innovative directional locking system, it is a great way to secure and hide your AR platform rifle in you car, truck or RV. We typically hard mount these units on the steel framework of the underneath side of rear fold up truck seats. Our installation experts make custom steel brackets for each vehicle to attain the highest level of security.

*Includes basic installation. We will contact you within one business day to schedule installation.

*Sales tax will be collected at time of installation.

Pre-Order Deposit

Here is some additional info from the manufacturer:


This is the first dual spring loaded, automatic opening AR-15 locking device for secure storage and transport for your AR-15 Rifle. Instead of building just another locking box for a firearm, we thought outside the box and designed the locking system from the ground up.


    With a spring loaded hinge & Lock pin, the locking system was designed to open automatically like a switch blade knife to give you access to your AR-15 in seconds. Locked in the Mobile Rifle Locking System to in your hands and loaded in 4 seconds or less. 


    Padlock technology has come a long way. You have the ability to change locks depending on your needs of security, speed and convenience. For speed, a directional movement lock (1500ID) is a great option. This lock can be easily opened one handed, in one second, in the dark. 

    Custom screws are designed so they can't be accessed when your AR-15 is locked in our system.

  • SPECS:

    Mount Vertically or Horizontally (barrel pointing right, barrel up, barrel down)

    Mount Steel Thickness: 3/16, 7 gauge, .1875  

    Locking Points Steel Thickness: 1/4 , 2 gauge, .25

    Solid ABS Polymer Magazine Block, no steel touches your AR-15

    Fits any AR-15, M4, M-16, Tavor and AR15 6.8 SPC

    Note: Padlock not included, will NOT fit AR10/ .308 style AR Rifles or left handed AR-15 stag. 


    Our steel thickness is 7 gauge and 2 gauge at locking points. Other companies only use 14 gauge.