Rifle Concealer

Rifle Concealer


Imagine a scene where you flip up the back seat(s) of your truck to make room for several grocery bags or a large box just as the person parked next to you peers in your side window as they walk by…. Definitely a situation we’d like to avoid. Whether it is upsetting little Johnny’s mommy or tipping off the would-be car burglar, the Rifle Concealer will help you avoid the nuisance of having to explain why you choose to be prepared regardless of the situation. 

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  • Made to order. Available for pickup one week after ordering.

Made in Clark County WA, the Rifle Concealer is made of a heavy black material with an elastic closure to break up the outline of your rifle when mounted in the Mobile Rifle Locking System.  It is quick to remove and built very well. The Rifle Concealer guys also manufacture high end SCUBA diving equipment for the general industry as well as the Secret Service, FBI and several specialized units in our Armed Forces… It’s good stuff and cheap insurance to not only keep your rifle concealed, but also to keep lint, dust and other contaminates out of your rifle. After all, if you’re in a life-threatening situation where you need to access your weapon, wiping dog hair and french fries off your rifle is the last thing you want to be distracted with.