At Streamline Audio, we can help you drive safely and hands free with our expert installation of high-quality smartphone, Bluetooth and OEM integration systems.



Our Bluetooth systems include voice-activated control to make and receive calls, pause media while taking a call, resume media once your call has concluded, change volume and tracks, and much more.

But what if you wish to keep your existing dash head unit? No problem! We offer stand-alone Bluetooth options that can be integrated into your factory unit and you still get the same benefits. With advancements in Bluetooth technology, you can enjoy the full range of functionality, connectivity, and your device's capabilities. All while keeping you safer while driving.



iPhone & Android Integration

At Streamline Audio, we can help you drive safely and hands free with our expert installation of high-quality phone and Bluetooth integration systems.

With Bluetooth you can experience hands-free control over your mobile devices. With Apple's CarPlay iOS integration feature, the iPhone can project onto the dash unit display for phone functions, messages, music, and even navigation.

Apple and Android iOS integration adds unparalleled convenience to your everyday travels. Phone functions, messages, GPS, Drive EQ, screen mirroring, media streaming, and hands-free control all help you stay connected on the go.



OEM Integration

Is your vehicle lacking features you've always wanted? Having problems with your factory radio? This is where our integration specialists excel. We can add just about any feature you can imagine. Our extensive experience, specialized tools, and the products we carry give the Streamline Audio team an unmatched ability to integrate the features that you want and need into your vehicle.

Many times customers contact us looking for solutions to their car audio needs and are very frustrated because everybody else told them that what they want to do cannot be done. We get many referrals from other shops that aren't able to solve complex OEM or installation problems. There are very few things that we can’t do, go ahead and test us, we like a good challenge!