Hot Rods & Classics

Most exotic, classic or collectible vehicles do not come with instructions on how to integrate after-market products. The expert staff at Streamline Audio are masters at seamlessly integrating the newest technology into pristine classic restorations. We preserve your classic car's dash and wiring system, our experienced team understands not only the mechanics, but the need to get the look right.



Our team members are experts at installing and upgrading motorcycle audio and entertainment systems. We have extensive experience in the safe and reliable installation of audio products that will ensure your music is loud and clear at any speed.

 If you are interested in an audio upgrade for your bike, we invite you to drop by!

Marine & Boat Stereo & Speakers


Streamline Audio serves a wide range of clients when it comes to upgrading marine audio systems. Some customers come to us to replace broken or outdated equipment.

Other clients call on us to design large custom audio upgrades where your boat becomes the life of the party. Tower speakers, custom subwoofer systems and amplifiers will allow you to hear your music while in the water. Maybe one zone for the cabin, one for the captain and another for in the water? We can handle that for you.



If there’s any vehicle that deserves an upgraded entertainment system, it has to be your home on the road. Stock RV audio systems can be okay, but for a vehicle that you spend so much time in, its worth investing in an upgraded audio and video system.

We understand the unique and complex systems of your RV. We can upgrade your RV with the latest technologies or personalize your systems for your needs. From rear camera systems and navigation to custom audio and entertainment systems for the ultimate tailgate party, we have the expertise and product selection for whatever your need may be.