With access to so many different back up safety and collision avoidance technologies, we can dramatically improve your personal safety and the safety of those in and around your vehicle.



One our most popular safety products are backup camera systems. We don't have to stress the importance if you have children in your family or neighborhood! Starting in 2018 rear view cameras will be mandatory on all new vehicles. 

We can integrate a back-up camera into your factory LCD screen for seamless factory integration. If your vehicle is not equipped with a factory screen we have several solutions including a rear-view mirror with a built-in monitor. Speak with one of our experts to see what solutions are best for you.

Streamline can also install additional blind-spot cameras that are activated when you change lanes or a forward facing camera to help you navigate tight spaces.

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The newest focus of vehicle safety is to prevent a collision from ever happening. Seatbelts and airbags are effective safety measures, but avoiding potential collisions keeps the road safer for everyone. 

Our collision avoidance systems use high-quality video cameras and computer image processing to alert you to driving challenges. It will let you know if you are getting too close to a vehicle, recognizes pedestrians and bicyclists and can even see traffic signs and lane markings.

They can warn of lane veering, exceeding the speed limit and take control of your high beams – turning them on and off as required to keep you safe without blinding oncoming drivers. 



Our parking sensor systems will alert you to obstacles around your vehicle and help avoid unnecessary damage. These systems start with rear bumper-mounted ultrasonic devices that beep when they detect an object behind the vehicle. We can add additional forward-facing sensors for enhanced safety. These systems are great because they immediately get your attention when there is an obstacle – you can’t forget to use them.